The Transformative Workplace: Growing People, Purpose, Prosperity and Peacebook

“Somewhere beyond ‘living to work’ or ‘working to live,’ there is room for work that transforms us as we transform it, where we can grow lives of purpose and passion, where all people may prosper, and where we can contribute to a better and more peaceful world.”  Carole and David Schwinn, The Transformative Workplace 

What People Are Saying About
The Transformative Workplace

What is inspiring, different, and refreshing about the Schwinn’s work is that they’ve put people at the center of their journey.  We meet many inspiring and exemplary leaders, but after reading their stories, what I remember most about them is who they are, not what they did.  For far too long, we’ve ignored the fact that the most powerful leadership skill is “Know Thyself”–the truth expressed in ancient Greece at the Temple of Delphi.  Carole and David skillfully guide us into the perspectives and practices that create true self-awareness; from such awareness, transformation at all levels naturally occurs.
— Dr. Margaret Wheatley, author of Turning To One Another and So Far From Home

Given the state of our world, it seems that we are in an unstoppable cycle of disintegration, yearning hopelessly for leaders who believe that the workplace can be an incubator of the soul.  Thanks to Carole and David Schwinn, our passionate guides, we learn that these leaders already exist on every continent. Their stories and the Schwinn’s research are a map for creating a compelling, alternative future.
— Peter F. Norlin, Ph.D., Principal, ChangeGuides, and former Executive Director, OD Network

The Transformative Workplace deepens our understanding of the work we do by showing how it grows from the people we are, how the two are inextricably linked, and how honoring both heightens the contribution we make to the world we inherit. Carole and David Schwinn are the Lewis and Clark of this frontier where how we live our lives and what we do with them are one and the same.
— Mark Nepo, author of The Endless Practice and The Book of Awakening 

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