About the Authors

Partners in life and work for over thirty years, the Schwinn’s share a passion for creating contexts in which every one of us can fulfill our unique purpose and potential on earth. Their work in the field of management/leadership and organization/community development has taken them to Japan to visit Deming Prize winning companies, to New Zealand to teach on a Fulbright Scholarship, to Thailand to facilitate a global NGO change process, and to South Africa to help guide a leadership initiative. Their latest adventure took them to 13 countries on four continents in search of leaders who pay as much attention to the development of their people as they do to their bottom line. The stories and research they share in The Transformative Workplace: Growing People, Purpose, Prosperity and Peace offer inspiration and guidance to those who aspire to create work that is worthy of the human spirit. The Schwinn’s have six children and six grandchildren. The couple resides near Brooklyn, Michigan.

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